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This website has downloadable counseling resources.  In the posts, there are helpful tips and links to enhance your counseling practices.  




Helping in Hard Places provides school counselors and other mental health professionals with a blueprint for infusing trauma-informed practices into their counseling interventions in a way that supports all children. The nature of trauma-informed practices is that they are needed to support children of trauma, but they are beneficial to everyone, regardless of whether they've experienced trauma or not. Helping in Hard Places focuses on supporting all children by infusing trauma-informed practices into individual counseling sessions, student support groups, and whole class lessons. 

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Helping in Hard Places: Trauma-Informed School Counseling




Get Your Guidance On is a social-emotional learning guidance lesson curriculum designed to decrease student problem behaviors (especially crisis incidents) and increase student academic success. It utilizes multi-day guidance lessons for each month of the school year. In each month a different theme is covered, along with a mental health support strategy, a conflict resolution activity, and an academic success strategy. Delve into this social-emotional learning curriculum guide and lead your students/clients to wellness and school success! 

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Get Your Guidance On: A SEL Curriculum Guide

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Welcome! There are lots of free and low cost counseling resources that you can download from this site.  In my posts, I will provide helpful tips and links to enhance your counseling.